A Few Cold And Flu Remedies Passed On To Me By A Wicca Witch

by Lee Pham


It is that time of year again colds and flu are just around the corner, of course according to me I never get a cold it is always flu.

These are just a few home made recipes passed on by my good ladies cousin, she is a Wicca witch, but do not worry these ladies are not the scary witches you see in the movies.

She does not live out in the country in a hovel, far from it she resides in a block of flats in my home city.

We never buy any of the cold and flu remedies from the chemist shop, instead we use natures pharmacy.

Obviously if your symptoms get no better after a few days it may be time to visit the doctor.

1. Onion and honey cough syrup.

This is not really a cough medicine as such because you could put it directly onto potatoes or your favourite vegetables. But personally I like to take it by the spoonful as many times as required.

Cooking this mixture up could not be easier, use a small saucepan chop a yellow skinned onion, add a cup of honey and a tablespoon of thyme, as much as you want if you can get it fresh, cook until the onion is soft, that is it job done.

Research has proven that onions and garlic irritate the lining of the stomach, this in turn forces the lungs to release a secretion that thins the thick mucus that makes you feel ill.

When peeling onions they make your eyes water this is the same action working, but it is getting rid of the sticky mucus in the lungs.

2. Thyme is an age old remedy, boil it up with some honey and drink as a tea, effective against laryngitis.

3. I remember an old remedy my dear old mother used on us as kids to relieve coughing.

Chop an onion place it in the oven to heat up then wrap it in a cloth, make sure it is not to hot and place directly on the chest, if you are using this on a child it may help to tape it on.

The fumes from the onion will stop any cough dead in it’s tracks, fair comment the bedroom and you will stink the next day, but hey you have had a good nights sleep.

4. Lemons and honey are another great remedy, squeeze a couple of lemons heat with a teaspoon of honey, and drink the mixture, this is an excellent way to help ease sore throats.

5. Another Wicca remedy I have tried and I would sooner have the flu, take some elder-flowers fresh or dried boil them up and make a tea, drink hot. Good luck with this one I have never tasted anything like it, totally disgusting.

This seems a bit strange it has nothing to do with Wicca, I do not know how it works but it did for me.

Although I think maybe you should get medical advise before trying this, as I am not responsible I am just passing on the information.

There has been research done, I believe many years ago, that says cold and flu bugs enter through the ears.

This is certainly not what we have been taught, do you remember all of the adverts and posters coughs and sneezes spread diseases, yes as far as we knew we inhaled these bugs.

Although I am convinced this remedy works I am not prepared to put my name to it, but the information is out there if you require it.

But the best remedy of all go to bed for a couple of days, get well wrapped up and have someone run around after you.

Convince them that alcohol is the perfect cure, and get them to make you a few hot toddies, read a good book and sleep a lot.


Source by Chris Emmerson

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