【DIY Guide】倉鼠翹翹板! 牠們的獨特玩法 讓我哭笑不得! Hamster Playing SeeSaw

✮ 領養代替購買 ✮
✮ Adopt a pet, save a life. ✮
✩ 新手請單獨飼養一隻 ✩
✩ To have one hamster only if you’re a novice.✩
✪ 請勿隨便合養 同籠! 細節注意: ✪
✪ Please don’t put your hamsters together unless you meet those conditions: ✪

▷ 倉鼠基本飼養知識 (新手必看) ◁

牠們是我的倉鼠 😀
喜歡看更多關於牠們的影片 可以到我的倉鼠頻道觀看喔!

They are my Hamsters~
Come to my hamster channel if you like them!

▷ 我的倉鼠搞笑影片 My Funny Hamster Channel ◁

▷ 我的倉鼠教學 My Hamster Guide◁

▷ 背景音樂資訊 BGM (Background Music) Info. ◁

OP: “Sour Tennessee Red String” by John Deley and the 41 Players

BGM1: TheFatRat – Monody (Rolling Sky Remix Version)
Music Link:

BGM2: “Winter Ride” by Twin Musicom

BGM3: “Dog and Pony Show” by Silent Partner


(゚∀゚) ノシ
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