♥️Getting My New Hamster VLOG// MEET Charlie Brown♥️

Hey Guy’s!! Today is a very special video because I am finally announcing the newest member to our Ham Fam! This is Charlie/ Charlie Brown! I am still not sure what the gender is but I will soon! (I promise) Charlie is a longed Syrian Hamster with a dark brown coat. I got him at a local pet store who actually takes good care of their animals. Lets keep the comments as positive as possible! I am so glad I could share this amazing moment with you all! Make sure to like and subscribe for more AWESOME content! Have a nice day! Byeeeeeeeeeee!♥️

Quote- Happiness, not in another place, But this place, not for another hour, But this hour. – Walt Whitman


Do that
Higher Roll
These girls will hurt you
Be together

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