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How to make a delicious miniature chocolate cake for your hamster, using only hamster-safe ingredients. Perfect for a Birthday cake or any other celebration – decorate it any way you like!
Watch Vanilla enjoying his cake here:
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Peanut butter can be substituted with natural soy butter or sunflower seed butter
Choc drops can be substituted with natural plain yoghurt (recommended for diabetes-prone species like dwarf hamsters)

⚠ Real chocolate is TOXIC to small pets, so only ever use chocolate made for them!
⚠ Small parts can be a hazard, it is not recommended that you use miniature tableware to feed your hamster, Vanilla is a professional. Never leave unattended.
⚠ These are special, one-off treats to complement a healthy, balanced diet. Feeding in excess can put your pet’s health at risk.The treats in the video are large for entertainment purposes. Vanilla will only eat a small portion and put the rest in his cheeks to stash in his nest where I will remove it. Portions should be extra small for pets who don’t stash.
⚠ I do my best to make sure the ingredients are hamster-safe, but please be a responsible owner, do your research, and check that each individual ingredient is safe for your pet before feeding.

Suitable for:
✔Syrian hamsters
✔Dwarf hamsters (half the size, recommended to substitute chocolate for plain yoghurt as they are prone to diabetes)
✔Mice (half the size, mice may become allergic to peanut butter)
✖Guinea pigs (can’t eat flour or choc drops or oats)
✖Rabbits (can’t eat flour, choc drops or peanut butter)

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