? UNDERWATER Hamster Cage Theme! (Kashi’s Playcage)

Hello! 🙂 Today’s video is another fun hamster cage theme! Kashi had to get out her snorkel and scuba gear to go exploring in this “Underwater” setup hehe. It was a blast to put together and I hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to sign up for Club Carefresh at this link!

♥ You can view Kashi’s main living cage here:

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Commonly asked questions about Carefresh below!

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(It’s super cute and colorful!)

Are there harmful dyes used in Carefresh® bedding?

The color additives used in our bedding are those with a long history of use in the production of household paper products (such as facial tissues or toilet paper). They are also tested by third-party laboratories for animal safety.

Is there Baking Soda in your Odor Control formula?

​Does carefresh still have baking soda in it?

We removed the baking soda from our odor stop formula used in pet bedding in January 2015. It was tested as safe but we removed it because our consumers asked us to. However, some packaging will still say baking soda on it because it took some time to get new bags and we did not want to delay product availability. To identify a bag without baking soda please check the lot number printed on the side of the bag. If the first set of numbers ends in a “5” then it does not contain baking soda. Please contact Healthy Pet if you have further questions.

What ingredients are in your Odor Stop formula?

The ingredients in our odor control formula are proprietary (just like Tide or Tidy Cat litter). However, all our products are evaluated by third party labs using NIH (National Institute of Health) testing protocol for animal safety. All active ingredients can be found in human-grade products. The additives used in our products are approved in the use of treating drinking water.

Why can’t I find more colors?

The majority of our colorful Carefresh® products are available exclusively at PetSmart. This includes our Colorful Creations and Special Edition products. However, you will find blue, and confetti (multi-colored) in other retailers.

Can colors used in colored bedding transfer to carpet or clothes?

We try very hard to ensure none of our colors bleed when wetted. We choose from colors with a long history of use in toiletry products for safety. We use a safe, yet effective fixative used in toiletry products or products used in drinking water clarification in the production of all our colored bedding for this specific purpose.

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