10 Weird Things You Can Buy on #AliExpress – Strangest products online | Aliholic

10 Weird Things You Can Buy on AliExpress:

▷ Harajuku (obscurely awesome clothing):

▷ Face Muscles Trainer:
▷ Slam Dunk:
▷ Plush Ebola:
▷ Crying Kim T-shirt:
▷ Twisted Arnold Sweater:
▷ Nick Cage Sweater:
▷ Kitty Madonna T-shirt:
▷ Kim Jong Kardashian Sweater:
▷ Transformer Shoe: no longer sold on AliExpress 🙁
▷ Jesus Fail Necklace:
▷ Borat’s Swimsuit:
▷ Sperm Cell USB Flash Drive:
▷ Hamster Leash:
▷ Elderly Asian Male Mask+Costume:

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