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Hand Simulator gameplay! Let’s play Hand Simulator, a game where you control a left and right hand and try to perform difficult tasks, like spinning a fidget spinner and signing important documents! Today we’re fishing, driving a tank, and playing jenga! So many funny moments as we try to defuse this bomb! This game is super funny but super challenging as well!


Here is a description of Hand Simulator by its developers HFM Games: Hand simulator is such a game in which you can control your hands. Your task is to learn how to
work by your fingers well, how to master the art of shooting and to try to become the fastest and
the sharpest shooter in the whole wild west.

At your disposal there are two training levels, where you can twist spinners, master chirography
and plunge into the subtleties of handling weapons. After hard training you can take part in an
online duel, and find out how cool your skills are.


– Detailed mechanics of weapons. In order to make at least one shot, you have to work hard.

– Multiplayer. Check your speed with the real opponent.

– Achievements. Participating in online duels, earn a reputation as the best shooter.
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