A dwarf hamster has a rotten smelly gigantic lump. Post-op. Pt 1/2

Why was there such a long delay in seeking hamster surgery to remove the increasingly large tumour? Smelly and stinking tumour indicated bacterial infection

The owner had two hamsters with lumps operated by 2 vets. These were the parents of this hamster. They died. So the owner did not accept my advice to operate the large lump in this hamster 2 weeks ago. The lump smelled bad and she decided to take the risk to do surgical removal on Nov 10, 2017. The hamster was given baytril for past 7 days and she thought this was sufficient time. But the smell was very bad.

So I advised around 5 days of oral Baytril at higher dose. The smell was much reduced on this higher than recommended dose.

Surgery started today, Nov 13, 2017. Do not wait till your hamster’s tumour is gigantic (as you may be travelling)

source: Youtube

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