Behavior of funny hamsters getting tired of carrots


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ster who eats carrots.
But get bored on the way …?
Q. Why do you think I am liked by hamsters?
A. Please take a look at this movie (* ^^ *) ↓

★ ★ Must see who you want to be friends with hamster ★ ★

⚫ 【Success Story】 How to became hamsters friendly to you

●How to raise hamsters not bite! How to fix bite!

●Movie climbing to the shoulder ↓ ↓

● How to choose a familiar hamster ↓ ↓

●Breeding for the first time! A week to get used to!
Homemaking, toilet training, how to eat rice!

● Measures against heat! Prevent heat stroke!

· What is the cold weather keep time of frozen PET bottles?
· Is it possible to keep the cold insulation for a while?
· What is the effect of cooling plate?
· How much is the electricity bill per month when air conditioner is operated for 24 hours?

Kinkama hamster cheese, color hamster Othello’s video
Thank you for watching (* ‘v `)

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⚫ Reason why the hamster became rumbled

⚫ Hamster will want to keep it! Clumsy escape

⚫ I will love hamsters more! Ham hand!

⚫ Hamster’s tail is cute!

⚫ The hamster’s tail looks like human face!

⚫Hamster laugh and wink

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