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Funny animals decorate our lives. We love our pets: cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, .
Our cat – a complete man. And of course, in the spring, he starts yelling. In the city, though dimly, because he knows that soon will go to the country and it will come off in full.
And one day, he was screaming all night and did not want to calm down: in the hallway opened the inner door and frantically clawed exterior, door, accompanying all this heartbreaking serenades.
Finally, we decided to show him that there is no one on the stairs, he tries in vain.
Imagine our surprise when the door was a cat! He had compassion on his afflicted, and came out of the apartment three floors below, as it turned out.
What to do – I had to admit it …
Here we have a new year full of trash nachinaettso. the problem is that cats are beginning to eat the rain with tree. and then they defecate. as a result of the rain out of the priests but not completely, and pull it can not, because you can injure the cat. we just cut. and wait until the come out. so you count on the eve of new year sits at mom’s friend. Cat in the kitchen comes with a rain meter of assholes.
my mother’s friend, “Ooh, look at you and cats adorned.”
I lived in some cat people. Large such fluffy, terribly clever. And his cat problem is solved directly into the toilet. He would sit on the edge of the tail pipe, pulled a face academic and cultural thing … so …
Only the paper is not used. The owners were delighted.
This idyll lasted a long time, until one fateful day, directly in the process at the cat fell toilet lid, scared him to death … After this incident, the cat continued to go to the toilet. He also lifted up the tail, writhing smart face …

but he sat down to the muzzle cover
Restless funny cat can not live without the attention of the owner. It will run for him during the harvest, to help typing on the keyboard, be sure to make friends with the dog and ehikom.
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