Cute and Adorable Hamster Tricks – Climbing Stairs, Peeling & Eating Sunflower seeds, Dribble Ball)


Dear Friends, cute Adorable Hamsters Doing Various Tricks, Climbing Stairs (Obstacle Course Cleared !), Peel & Eat Sunflower seeds (A seed peeling machine) , Dribble Ball (Soccer fan!)
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1) Boris hamster climbing stairs, obstacle course
2) Tarquin the Hamster peeling and eating sunflower seeds

3) Hamster Dribbling away with Ball. Haha Pure enjoyment for Hamster!

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Hamsters Oh my, Cute tiny ones with action, activity and lively. Watching hamsters playing or eating is happy and enjoyable. Hope this video compilation brightens Your day or evening. Happy watching. Thanks for checking out my video.

Music credits:
Happy Mandolin from Media Right Productions


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source: Youtube

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