Feminist Hamster: Hello Jessica Valenti: No, Really, Guns Prevent Rap3


A rapist facing a lead vitamin will think a lot more carefully.

Funny how a prominent feminists is against women who want to shoot their fking rapist.

Perhaps ladies, you will understand now. All of this is not about you. This is about total and totalitarian control.

How in the world can someone, anyone be against a woman shooting a farking potential rapist in the face?

Supreme Court

Jessica Valenti and her Retarded Tweets

NOTE: And Dana Loesch

Crime in the United States

Much better than today…of course..no, not really. Not at all.

And in case you think I’m full of bullshit, Groveland 4. And racists in Tulsa in the 20s burned down 20% of their city…due..to…anyone? A false rape allegation….

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