Funny cats playing with toys – pretty short film about nothing.


Two little cats and their feline ball during a morning of fun.
They are both males and are extremely active.
I am surprised that, one of these cats also likes to go into the water.
My sweet cats can play almost everything that can be found in the apartment but ball of kittens is their favorite toy.
Cucumber can’t scare my brave kitty 🙂

Funny cats playing ball.
Αστείο γάτες παίζουν μπάλα.
Legrační kočky hrát míč.
Смешные кошки играют в мяч.
Смішні кішки грають в м’яч.
Mèo vui chơi bóng.
מאָדנע קאַץ פּלייינג פּילקע.
القطط مضحك لعب الكرة.
Chats drôles jouer au ballon.
Śmieszne koty grają w piłkę.
Lustige Katzen Ball spielen.
Фунни цатс играње кошарке.
חתולים מצחיקים משחקים בכדור.
Morsomme katter spille ball.
Smiješne mačke igraju loptom.
Roliga katter spelar boll.
Hauska kissat pelissä pallo.
Sjove katte spiller bold.

##### Music #####
Kevin MacLeod: Fig Leaf Times Two – under Creative Commons License Attribution (

Film created on linux version Shotcut free video editing software

with the help of OBS Studio – Multiplatform Open Broadcaster Software (Windows / Linux / Mac OS X)

Gimp – GNU Image Manipulation Program

FFMpeg – Open Source Encoder

and Linux Ubuntu Mate edition

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Logo – MGM Logo with my cat.

Thank you for all your comments, likes and shares.

source: Youtube

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