Good Hamster Names

I will no longer be taking names.
Yeah so I made this when I was a child and these names are sort of lame but whatever totes your goat.
Names that have been recommended: Stubby, Bagel, Pizza, Cookie, Cutie, Pinkie, Hammy, Munchies, Crunchy, Cheerio, Buddy, Bubba, Boo, Sugar, Cinnamon, Happy, Fuzzy, Prince, Dylan, Spot, Chilli, Cafe, Maggie, Rocky, Cici, Lo Lo, Spiral, Rose or Rosie, Snickers, Daisy, Skittles, Hershey, Conner, Sarah, Sammy, Timmy, Shine, Spark, Spyro, Ricky, Amble, Mable, Mars, Teddy, Peanut.

source: Youtube

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