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Usually each month i do a deep clean of my hamsters cage. Removing all the bedding, wiping it down and putting in new toys and hides in. Today’s hamster of choice is my Robrovski Hamster named Hannibal. He’s not a tamed hamster, and this is how i usually clean out his cage. Enjoy!

Note: This cage is 378 sq inch. 360 sq inch use to be a suggested minimum but the hamster community is recommending 450 sq inch. Recommended is key word here, not required. This will all depend on your hamster and its needs. Syrians should DEFINITELY be in something 450+ sq inch. 378 sq inch can be fine for a Dwarf as long as they’re not showing signs of stress and have plenty of stimulation throughout the day. If Hannibal here is ever stressed which it’s been months with no signs, he will be moved into something bigger. So far he’s been fine in this 378 sq inch habitat.

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