Hardik Pandya 4,,4,4,4,4: India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd ODI (Hamster funny commentry)


Hardik Pandya to Tharanga, no run, some respite for Pandya, a dot ball to finish. Full and outside off, reaches out and defends it to cover. 20 off the over!
Hardik Pandya to Tharanga, FOUR, ah boy! This is getting worse for Pandya, his confidence is getting a beating. Fuller ball outside off, Tharanga holds his shape and lifts it wide of mid-off. Clean strike and this is probably the one that he has middled the best this over. Another boundary
Hardik Pandya to Tharanga, FOUR, four in a row! This was a streaky one though but Tharanga won’t mind it at all. Slower ball perhaps and he gets a bottom edge onto the drive. Dies on Dhoni who puts in the dive but it falls short of him and sneaks past him as well
Hardik Pandya to Tharanga, FOUR, aerial again but once more, beats the fielder. Full and tempting the drive, Tharanga doesn’t bother keeping it down as he looks to play it on the up. Wide of the diving mid-off fielder
Hardik Pandya to Tharanga, FOUR, up and over this time! Fuller ball and it’s a cross-seamer from Pandya, Tharanga launches it over mid-on. Not off the middle but still clears the infield with ease
Hardik Pandya to Tharanga, FOUR, edged but no slip! Might not have carried if there was someone there though, certainly could have saved the boundary. Full and angling in from outside off, Tharanga pushes with hard hands on the drive and gets a thick edge. Third man was too square

source: Youtube

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