Holding Baby Iguanas

Watch as Iodine the Syrian hamster tries to figure out how to solve her walnut puzzle toy!
Funny Hamsters – A Cute And Funniest Hamster Videos Compilation || NEW HD
Check out these funny hamster videos. These cute hamsters doing funny things are awesome. Hamster on wheel, stuffing cheeks, eating or playing, you can see it all in this compilation.
Mr. Othello of Black Banded to eat carrots.
Fuu ~, healed ~~The hamster’s habituation
Definitions of habituation
the action of habituating or the condition of being habituated.
It has never been as painstaking as this habituation process.
Translations of habituation
habituation, familiarization, fixation
Q. Why do you think I am liked by hamsters?
A. Please take a look at this movie (* ^^ *) ↓

★ ★ Must see who you want to be friends with hamster ★ ★

⚫ 【Success Story】 How to get used to hamsters?

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