Horrid Henry | Zombie Hamster


Horrid Henry | Zombie Hamster
Horrid Henry & The Zombie Hamster is a cool collection of my awesome adventures and they’re all on one dazzling DVD!

There are six stunning episodes on this DVD so get your air guitars at the ready while I strum along with the Killer Boy Rats and prepare to punish the pool ‘Cos vomiting Vera is here and there’s a nasty nappy to be changed!

What happened when I used sticky icky glue instead of kiddy windy glue? Stay tuned and i’ll show you in Horrid Henry Gets Spots! And if you don’t believe that Mum, Dad, Perfect Peter and I could make for the happiest Family, then you’re in for a big surprise!

There’s a vegetarian treat in store, too, when I cool a romantic mean and of course, Fang as you’ve never seen him before when he stars as the Zombie Hamster!

So sit back, enjoy and don’t forget to leave me a comment! Have fun!!

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