I Was In A Tornado

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Maya and her cousin were at their grandmother’s house, just back from the craft store, and ready for a day of crafting. It was a sunny and seemingly beautiful day, hardly a cloud in the sky, and they had just started working on their DIY project when suddenly their grandmother’s phone started beeping and squawking – not like a regular phone call or text, but a real alert!

They all ran to the phone and it was a tornado warning! Maya started freaking out, she felt like she was about to have a mental breakdown, and then the rain started coming, the wind picked up, and the sky turned dark. What was with the weather? Why was it so extreme? Because it was not her parents house but rather her grandparents house, it was more scary.

They all ran to the basement as fast as they could. They could hear the rain coming down, so loud, pouring, and the wind howling and crashes like thunder! It was too much – Maya burst out crying.

The whole thing hadn’t quite settled in with her cousin though, and she just sort of looked confused – but for Maya it was super scary. For some reason, she was convinced that she was going to die.

Their grandma suggested that they get into a circle and pray, but while Maya was praying all she could think about were all the scary things that could happen in a tornado. They had had tornados and hurricanes around them before, and they got a lot of tornado warnings, hurricane warnings and storm warnings where they live, but for some reason this one felt different to her. Would it flood?

Even though the sky had turned a weird green color, with a ton of effort, finally, she started to calm down and started feeling a little less scared. Was this the eye of the storm?

But, of course that’s when her cousin started freaking out, running in circles, crying, and so it was Maya who had to calm her down. She was just starting to make her cousin feel better when, suddenly, the power went out! Maya screamed, like she was in a horror film, and that sent her cousin back into a frenzy, who started crying again, and that made Maya start crying again, and there they were, totally scared again and out of control.

But, finally, after a little while it sounded like things were calming down, and their grandpa went upstairs to see what was going on. It all started to calm down, and the storm ran out of energy. They all went back upstairs, and, after all that, it turned out it wasn’t even a tornado – just a warning and a fast moving storm.

They were left without power for a few days, which wasn’t so bad, but, the whole thing, and how scary it was, and the tornado warning itself, ended up being fun, and a fun story to tell, and, just maybe, made it so Maya would stay a bit calmer the next time there was a heavy weather warning. Hurricane Harvey.

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