Is your Syrian Hamster dead? IT MAY NOT BE, It may be hibernating, how to bring back to life PART1


Ok so last month I came home and found my Syrian Hamster, still, lifeless, cold and pretty much dead looking, but as I looked closer I could see a very faint heartbeat. Today I came back home and the same thing had happened, So I thought I’d film it and show you what I learnt, and that is that Hamsters will try and hibernate, the body shuts down, goes cold and the heart slows down. They apparently will survive this for a while but then they need water so they eventually will die! Basicully they didn’t evolve very well. So once I knew he wasn’t going to die I filmed it to show you all what needs to be done to bring them back. All it takes is warmth!! keep them warm, I use a hot water bottle and a blanket, within a few minutes like a miracle life will come back and the little devil will be normal again, I hope this video helps you all, just remember if it looks dead it may not be, check its heart beat because it may still be alive:)

source: Youtube

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