Meet Chunky Chip | My Syrian Hamster + Adoption Story


Meet my newest Adopted hamster, Chunky Chip. He’s an older gentle hamster who’s got this gorgeous two tone chocolate pattern going on. He was surrendered by his owner after not being able to take care of him and ended up being seen by me. He has high amounts of energy for being a senior hammy and loves to chew! His favorite treat is his blueberry yogi treats. I hope you’ll welcome Chunky Chip into the Munchkin family and our pet community here!

Petco’s program allows cats, dogs, small animals, fish, birds and reptiles who’re homeless or have been surrendered to find homes. Petco will partner with rescue groups for weekly events or will take in small animals to their store if they have the room. Each surrendered pet will be quarantined for 3 days and then placed for adoption. They will be put into the wellness room or placed on the sales floor with an adoption sign and a small rehoming fee that goes towards their charity for helping shelters/rescues across the U.S. Always ASK an employee if they have anything available first for adoption. Adopt don’t Shop! (Note: Outside of the U.S there may not be adoption programs for small animals).

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