Original Hampster Dance from 1997 (hamsters dancing online)


Song clip is copyrighted content in this video is © 1997 – 2009 Abatis International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. So, please get their permission before using. They can be found at

— Check out a page I wrote up and dumped to google drive (it’s all on the page in base 64 encoding and js):
Download and open in modern browser. I stretch to fit which is close to how it kind of looked since screens weren’t so great back then.

Originally it was created by Canadian art student Deidre LaCarte for geocities, but grew into a huge internet meme. The site was named after her hamster, Hampton.

This experience provided to you by (source):

Alternate source site:

The original song is “Whistle Stop” by Roger Miller which was adapted by Disney in “Robin Hood” (the cartoon):

… here is one with the cartoon:
— The voice for the rooster, Alan-a-Dale, was done by Roger Miller also.

Hampterdance was exploited and turned into the site it is today because of all of us that flooded the site in the 90’s. Actually, today’s site is kind of interesting:

Here is the new song provided by Hampsterfans:

I liked the original, but it can get annoying to some…

In January 1999, it was featured in an Earthlink Commercial (after it had been changed slightly):

Now go and enjoy.

source: Youtube

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