Overwatch Hammond New Hero Wrecking Ball Game Play

Overwatch finally released Hammond and it’s…a hamster!? Who comes from a space lab on the moon only to land in Junkertown, Australia to become a robot mech suit ring fighter? It’s weird but it’s fun! Here I am playing it a bit on the PTR (public test region) in an Arcade No Limits match. You can see some of his crazy little skills. I am having a hard time with his grappling hook! I am sure tons of people will post detailed walk-throughs of how to play him but I just wanted to post some chaotic n00b playing on the first day fun. 🙂
The game is cut short early because nearly every game on the PTR today has ended due to too many people crashing. Blizzard knows about this and is working on it.
I can’t wait to see what kind of skins and emotes and such this little guy gets!

source: Youtube

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