Real Hamsters in a house vs Fake Toys Hamsters in a house BY Zuru Hamster playing eating and mansion

Real Hamsters in a house vs fake toys hamsters in a house by Zuru review and my hamster eating , my hamster playing and my hamster mansion. In this Hamster world my hamster dance also this is my hamsters playing with the Zuru hamsters in a house. Hamsters in a house food frenzy video and the Hamsters in a house toy is cute. I think this hamsters in a house burger diner is the best zuru toy. Have you all seen the hamsters in a house cartoon and this is the real vs fake toys with a real hamster. I even showed him his hamster wheel which was fun. This is the Hamsters in a house playset and hamster maze and hamster cage with hamster tunnels. Make sure to check out my channel Kristen Ingold Fake LOL. These are toy hamsters by ZURU toys and they are called Hamsters in a house.

source: Youtube

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