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Wrongworld gameplay! Wrongworld is an Early Access open world sandbox game, where you play as an alien whose ship crashed on a strange planet. You must survive and eventually make it back home. Guys, the silliness in this game might be on par with Amazing Frog! Leave a like if you wanna see more!

Here is a description of Wrongworld by its developers Sludj Games:
Wrongworld is a surreal and unforgiving survival game set on a low poly world filled with freakish inhabitants.

You play as a furry little space critter with a bit of a knack for whomping mutants. Crash-landed on a strange and unfamiliar planet, you must decide whether to attempt to rebuild your ship and head home or try to make a new life for yourself. Either way, you’ll be exploring, gathering, crafting, discovering, whomping and juggling a powerful need to eat.
You’re gonna have to figure out the world for yourself and hopefully not die in the process. But you will. Probably a lot. And with perma-and auto-saving, there’s no sneaky reloading to avoid an untimely demise. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try to learn from your fatal experiences. Super-Secret Bonus Hint #1: Food is good. Eat it.
It might be a brutal world, but you may as well chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all as you go. Obliterate trees with your forehead, fast travel as a non-human cannonball, and become best friends with a cardboard box.
The world is completely randomised with every new game. And with a bunch of random events to discover/be subjected to, you’re likely to face different hurdles every time you play.
Gather resources from across the land, kit yourself out with awesome gear, and build yourself an epic new home. From basics like campfires, simple tools and cooked meals all the way to jet packs, magic potions and maybe even a replacement rocket ship.
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