Rowdy Rodents | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2017

Hamsters, chinchillas, rats, guinea pigs, and even a capybara in this awesome compilation of rowdy rodents! Watch as they devour various foods in the cutest way possible and then burn off all those calories by running around like crazy!

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Original Links:
Hamster Stuffs Mouth with Food:
Guinea Pigs Jump:
Hamster Struggles with Wheel:
Hamster Eats Noodles:
Cat Rides On Top of Capybara:
Chinchilla Eats an Almond:
Chinchilla Pulls Lid Off Food Container:
Chinchilla Munches on Rose Petals:
Hamster Runs Underneath Wheel:
Hamster Climbs Stairs:
Hamster Jumps and Falls:
Hamster Goes for a Walk on Leash:
Hamsters Ride Toy Scooters: Submission
Two Rats Fight Over Pizza:
Rat Tirelessly Tries to Get Inside Building:
Rat Goes Down Escalator:
Chinchilla Celebrates the New Year:

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