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Here’s a mix of some of the weirdest, funniest, memeiest(?) Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks that I found. Hope you enjoy Super Mario 64 Hacks #1!

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List of the Romhacks Used in this Video –
– Super Nightmare 64
– Pirates Grotto
– Sonic
– Super Realisio 64
– Thwomp’s Easter Egg Hunt
– Toad
– Captain Toad 64
– Kaze’s Warmup
– Super Mario 64 CHAOS EDITION
– Super Luigi 64
– Super Mario Star Road Final
– Bowsers Dank Rave 1-5

Rom Hacks can be found here at

Message to Kaze Emanuar – Loved that hacks man, you are crushing it with your stuff! Keep on doing your thing!
Royalty Free Music Provided by Epidemic Sound

Custom Outro Music done by Dunderpatrullen! THANKS GUYS!

Diddy Kong Racing Remix – by Ben Briggs

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