by Lee Pham

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So on Tuesday I noticed a lump had appeared on cashmeres face and on Wednesday it seemed to have increased in size so I called up the vets and took her in the same day. The vet gave me some antibiotics to treat the infection over the next 7 days. Cashmere has been taking the medication well however on Thursday the abscess started to leak i managed to get some of the puss out it was just oozing out bit by bit so the lump has gone down massively. I kept her in her carrier over night so the area could scab over and when I got back in from college she seems well enough to go back into her cage again . She has been doing really well day by day she’s making progress she was 36g on Thursday morning and now she’s 40g so each day she’s putting on more weight which is good because she’s been eating well. She’s been really active compared to the past few days and has gone back to digging which she loves. I have a vet appointment on Wednesday so hopefully by then she’s better and won’t need to be sedated because that’s the next option if the antibiotics don’t work.


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