The Chinese Dwarf Hamster


Please HAVE ANNOTATIONS ON –Important information regarding both my and your hamsters (or hamsters to-be) are listed in the annotations–
And please consider reading the description also. Thank you and enjoy the video 🙂

These are my 2 Chinese dwarfs. I hope that I inspired you to purchase your own hamster!
Just so you know…
-The name “Chinese Dwarf hamster” is actually incorrect. They are commonly called this because they look very similar to the Russian dwarf hamster. I got my hamsters from PetSmart, where they called these hamsters Chinese Dwarf hamsters. Hence, the reason I will not change the title of this video.
-Like I said in the annotations, the cage that is shown is temporary for the purposes of the video. I don’t recommend anyone to purchase it because it is small and the tubes are very difficult to clean.
-Also, keeping two female hamsters together is usually fine, whereas males might fight with each other as they grow older, even if already bonded. That’s why I suggest females. Mine did very well together, but some hamsters (even females) might not like being together.
Just a suggestion… I wouldn’t get hamsters from different families and put them together.
–It’s almost certain that there will be some conflict between them, if not already bonded.

source: Youtube

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