The Story of My Hamster


The true story of how a hamster taught me the meaning of freedom and how to truly live. click here: to subscribe to my channel to be told when I upload a new video!

In memory of Suki 2003 – ???

That boys and girls is what we call a DANecdote. My life is so weird seriously this all actually happened. Also yes I was definitely mostly taking the piss at the end there but it’s a good moral anyway.

What are your opinions on different pets contained in small cages and whether or not they’ve made you rethink your view of the universe?? Should I have gone with a leopard gecko instead? Would this video have been better if it was narrated by Morgan Freeman? TELL ME YOUR THINGS (thanks!)


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ps: would you believe that I specifically waited until sunset to film this so the light would transition from light to dark to complement the changing tone of the story? I know it is so ridiculous I’m sorry.

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