Tiny hamster chills outside on his tiny porch

Shibuya is a tiny Winter White Dwarf Hamster from Singapore. He loves solving the challenges of cracking open those annoyingly hard (but yummy) sunflower seeds and enjoys vigorously training on his running wheel.<br><br>When we think of pets, most of the times we only think of dogs and cats and the occasional fish. But in reality, there are so many different kinds of pets that are being kept by people, it’s hard to keep track. Some find pleasure in cuddling next to a large python, some like the thrill of keeping gargantuan spiders in their rooms and others decide to stay true to the furry pets trend and opt for a rabbit or five. Whichever it may be, we can all agree that keeping a pet is the best thing that can happen to you.<br><br>Hamsters are just one of the more common pets being kept by people, but especially by kids. Although hamsters belong to the same kingdom as mice and inevitably rats, they are undoubtedly cuter than their cousins.<br><br>They make the perfect pets for little kids, as they give the same sense of responsibility, without the danger of getting bitten. They make for the perfect cuddly companion and they can give kids the best silent support they need during their growing years. Getting a pet for your child can be beneficial for more than one thing, but it all boils down to having a good friend when in need, someone to teach them how to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

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