Tiny Hamster Makes Underground Tunnels! (Very short ASMR)


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Fluffie making tunnels! Hamsters love burrowing underground so this is why you should always fill a cage with at least 5cm / 3inches of hamster-friendly substrate (no pine or cedar wood). I often see cages with just a handful of substrate sprinkled across the bottom which does absorb smells but it’s too shallow to dig in so the hamster is missing out on a lot of fun!

Also, don’t forget that hamsters spend almost 100% of their time breathing in substrate, so if in doubt then go for a slightly smaller cage (min. 60 x 40cm) with the best substrate you can afford rather than a huge cage filled with cheap wood shavings. Fluffie gets hemp-based substrate, often sold under the brand “Aubiose”.

Fluffie is a pied roborovski hamster who gets up to lots of mischief :). Please subscribe for regular funny animal videos of a tiny hamster doing hamster things.

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This is where I’ll be posting all the updates on my tiny hamster Fluffie. I might also include some hamster care tips, how to tame hamsters and hamster cage reviews. My favourite hamster channels are ErinsAnimals / ErinsHamsters, Joy Georgina and ChocolateColours26 so if you’re thinking of getting a hamster then be sure to watch their videos to ensure you give your tiny hamster a good home!

Fluffie lives in the same room where I work and keeps me company when I edit my Youtube videos. She’s a roborovski / robo / roborowski dwarf hamster with the “mottled” or “pied” marking. Pied roborovskis are fairly new and have only existed since 2010, but Fluffie looks like a happy and healthy tiny hamster and I hope she stays that way for many years ^_^.

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