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I don’t own these videos and music. Just a compilation of videos to brighten up your day.
Videos were collected from different sources around the Internet suchs as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other social media.
Huge thanks to all original creators! Unfortunately I cannot reference everyone of the original creators, but I tried to leave all water marks and links, if they were available.
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My videos are nicely organized in playlist, so you can find what you like pretty easily!
In future, I plan to do other themed compilations too, so stay tuned! I trying to post new video every second day.
Some of the content in my videos can be violent, gory or somehow offensive. Sorry, for that. But mostly it contains clips about people failing, cats being cats, Asians doing crazy commercials and satisfying stuff happening.
Isn’t this description too long? Are you still reading this? Well, you did get far. But I am not planning to stop yet.
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Still here? Well you don’t give up, don’t you? Let me then just type some random words from my search history:
Cat, cats, dog, dogs, people, human, man, men, women, woman, children, kids, fail, cute, awesome, satisfying, compilation, funny, try, not, to, laugh, tntl, hilarious, videos, videos, ads, commercials, Asian, Chinese, Korean, crazy, long, YouTube, amazing, no, limits, best, favorite, 2017, 2016, game, games, play, enjoy, subscribe, support, Google, 10, minutes, clickbait, comment, beautiful, like, PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, Markiplier, nigahiga, Smosh, tricks, meme, comedy, fun, nostalgia.
You still there? Yes, that was not funny at all. Interesting, how long can be these descriptions? Is there any limit?
Also, sorry for my bad English. It is not my first or even second language. Or is it? Maybe I am very uneducated and trying to hide it by lying.
What else I can say there? Maybe, I will just shut up. Thanks for your attention!

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