WE LOST MY HAMSTER ? | Goodnight Mochi ? | September 2017


WE LOST MY HAMSTER ? | Goodnight Mochi ? | September 2017
We sadly lost Mochi:( It is so heartbreaking to have to share this sad news with you all…but she sadly passed away in the early morning of September 28th 2017. Thank to you all for leaving such sweet and kind words..and may she rest in peace.

Hi! It’s me HammyLux! aka Pam♥ My Channel is based on my Hamsters and any pets that i currently have! I love making videos on Hamster Cage Tours,Hamster DIY’s, and basically anything hamster related! Hamsters have been a very huge part of my life for a very long time. This Channel is about trying to give out the Correct care any hamster needs in his/her life and also my journey with my Pets! That includes anytime i head out to a Pet Store you are there with me ! A ton of Pet Store Vlogs, and loads of fun! Hamster care basics! Even though I am 31 years old , it doesn’t mean I can’t have or love a Hamster and I hope this will give inspiration to anyone that loves Hamsters or any small animal! I really hope that you will take a moment and subscribe to our Pet Channel and get to know us better!
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