Winter Hamster Cage | Dwarf Hamster Cage

Welcome this tour of my Winter Themed Hamster Cage. This cage will soon house a dwarf hamster & that reveal will be soon! I wanted to inspire others out there to make hamster themed cages like this one. I hope you enjoy. If you need help finding an item shown, please let me know in the comments!

Note: If my newest hamster needs more space, he/she will be upgraded to a larger cage. As stated in the video, this cage is 378 sq inch. 360 sq inch use to be a suggested minimum but the hamster community is recommending 450 sq inch. Recommended is key word here, not required. This will all depend on your hamster and its needs. Syrians should DEFINITELY be in something 450+ sq inch. 378 sq inch can be fine for a Dwarf as long as they’re not showing signs of stress.

(For those who like to question every pet video out there, you’ll be happy to know the new hammy hasn’t had any problems nor showing any signs of stress since being in this cage).

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