5 Tips For Baby Hamster Care That Never Fail



Do you want to learn the art of baby hamster care? Do you have any hamsters in home? If you answer yes to both questions, this is the article you must continue to read. You are going to discover the 5 tips how to take care of a baby hamster that never fail.

Hamsters are just like any other pet; they need proper care especially for the baby hamster. If you have hamsters at home, you will most definitely come across this issue of taking care for your baby hamster. Here are the 5 tips that never fail …

1. Try to prevent unwanted mate and breed if you are not ready to get some newborn. Separate the male and the female hamsters if possible. As you know, hamsters mate a lot and they tend to breed in a very short period of time.

2. If you suspect that your hamsters have pregnant, check their body weight and notice whether their belly have gotten bigger. You can not tell for the first few days after it is pregnant. You can only suspect it after around 10 days or so. Therefore, make sure you are ready for it when the time comes.

3. Once you confirmed that your hamster is pregnant, feed her with more protein food. Stop exercising it and let it rest on its own. You will have to keep an eye on it to make sure it is in a healthy condition.

4. When the pregnant hamster is giving birth, do not touch it or disturb it. It is a natural process and you just have to observe it. The birthing is one of the most amazing moments that you are going to observe in your life.

5. After the babies were born, you definitely want to leave them alone and never touch them. Their mother will take care of them until they have grown into recognizable form. The babies will start to feed on themselves from the tenth days and onwards.


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