7 Reasons to Start Brushing Your Pet's Teeth Today


If the increasing number of teeth whitening, cleaning, flossing and other dental products available these days is any indication, we Americans are obsessed with the great white smile. There are few of us who have not at least considered, if not actually tried, those little whitening strips, or even a round of laser treatments to get our pearly whites a notch pearlier.

So it looks only natural that we would turn our attention to our pet's dental health, too. Given that the majority of pet owners consider Fido or Socks a family member or child, it's not surprising that the growth of oral health care products for pets is on the rise, nearly quadrupling from 2000 to 2004. More and more of us are brushing our pets' teeth at home in an effort to prevent periodontal disease (yes, cats and dogs can get it, too, with much the same outcome as humans) and help them live healthier and longer lives.

Among the items now available is the KEEP IT CLEAN (TM) Pet Dental Kit featuring an ergonomic toothbrush and filet mignon-flavored toothpaste inside a plastic case designed to make brushing a pet's teeth easier. With National Pet Week coming up May 6-12, we've rounded up some reasons why you should BOTH be brushing!

1) Brushing your pet's teeth regularly can extend his life by up to three years.

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats develop periodontal disease by the age of three. "Periodontal disease is a serious condition that causes gingivitis, loss of teeth, pain in the mouth and possibly even serious infections in the internal organs," says Dr. David Steele, a veterinarian with Advanced Animal Care in Mt. Pleasant, SC

2) Brushing really does help eliminate "doggie breath"!

Does your dog's breath knock you over when you walk in the door? You're not alone! Most often, bad breath is caused by dental or periodontal disease, and brushing regularly can help prevent and correct this. The KEEP IT CLEAN (TM) Pet Dental Kit comes with filet mignon flavored toothpaste, which most pets love and which makes for better smelling breath.

3) Brushing at home brings the chance your pet will have to anesthetized to have his teeth cleaned.

Not only is there a slight health risk in having your pet anesthetized for a complete cleaning by your vet, these procedures can be costly. "By brushing your pet's teeth on a daily basis, we may be able to help reduce and even even eliminate the need for having your pet anesthetized by your veterinarian for a more thorough cleaning," says Dr. Steele.

4) Keeping your pet's teeth clean means matching white smiles for you AND your pet.

You know what they say about owners looking like their pets!

5) Brushing equals bonding.

Although at first your pet may seem uncomfortable and you may feel awkward with brushing, you will both grow to enjoy the additional time spent together. There's nothing your pet likes more than time alone with you.

6) It's easy.

"While to some folks brushing your dog's or cat's teeth may be a daunting task, it does not really need to be," says Dr. Steele. "A product like the KEEP IT CLEAN (TM) Pet Dental Kit gives you everything you need at your fingertips to take care of brushing your pet's teeth." With everything in a convenient case, it keeps you from searching all over the house for the right brush and paste and also makes sure your toothbrush does not get mixed up with Fido's (yuck!).

7) Your pet's smile will outshine all the other pets in the neighborhood.

Maybe your neighbor has a better car, but what does that matter when their pet has yellow teeth? Shine on Socks!

While brushing a pet's teeth is a great idea for many reasons, be sure to check in with your veterinarian before beginning any dental care regimen. For more information on pet dental health and a free downloadable video demonstrating how to brush a dog's or cat's teeth, please visit
http://www.keepitcleanusa.com .


Source by Lyn Mettler

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