9 Common Symptoms of Detoxification



Healing Reactions / Crisis

Often in the alternative health scene we hear people refer to an experience known as "The Healing Crisis." This refers to a sometimes mild or severe reaction to the healing process. An example, is the headache many coffee drinkers experience when they go cold turkey. In this article, we will talk about the ten most common healing crisis symptoms.

1. Healing reactions are not limited to physical symptoms and may include emotional releases as well. It is important to remember this when beginning any program of detoxification, to allow for more objectivity and detachment should such symptoms arise.

2. The human body is an expression of all life's experiences, choices, and history. The nature of a reaction indicates what part of your life is being healed. In this way, we can have gratitude for certain discomforts that arise during the journey, and learn to embrace them as opportunities for change.

3. Some common examples of healing reactions include pain that travels through the body, aging joints, fatigue, nausea and / or vomiting, digestive imbalances and / or changes, skin eruptions (acne, boils, rashes), tongue coating, menstrual irregularity, changes in body temperature, need for more sleep, anger, sadness, impatience, depression.

4. The severity of the above listed symptoms varies according to imbalance, and also the degree of skill to which they are handled. You can work with a healthcare provider to help you understand how to manage these symptoms, however, the greatest skill must come from you and a consistent desire to be well. Implementing practices that develop better mind / body connection such as meditation can help you distinguish between a healing reaction and possible new condition.

5. Most reactions do not last longer than a week, and often mimic something you have already experienced in your past that you believed was healed.

6. To help alleviate the severity of healing reactions, impalement more cleansing foods into the process such as: the juices of vegetables or fruits, sprouts, grains and legumes.

7. Steamed vegetables and fruits are easy to digest and less of a burden on the body while it eliminates stored toxins. Chlorophyll rich foods help to cleanse the liver, build clean blood and support the body with replaced protein if it is heavily dependent on animal products.

8. Steam baths, or other sweating devices can help eliminate excess mucous, skin eruptions or flu-like symptoms. For very sever reactions, possible re-introduction of the toxin in a very small amount, and gradually weaning off over time can also help relieve discomfort.

9. These cases are often indicative of a change made to fast, and serve as a reminder to slow down and enjoy the process of change.


Source by Monica Yearwood

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