A Comfortable Stay For Your Dwarf Hamster


People love to have pets. Most of these, when are getting the pets home for the first time ensure that they have every thing that they need to take care of the pet they are getting. Like for example if they are getting a dog as a pet, the dog's house the food supplies and other things that are required for the dog is taken care of before the dog is bought home. The same goes for dwarf hamster. If you are willing to have a dwarf hamster as a pet you have to be extra cautious.

Unlike dogs or other common pets these are very sensitive and shy creatures. If proper care and attention is not give, they would fade off. You need to be very particular about the things that the dwarf hamster would require if you are considering petting this creature.

To start with you need to have a cage. Cage would be the space that the hamster would have. Here, you need to have answers to the questions like – would you be keeping just one hamster? Would you want to have a male and a female hamster and are looking at promoting them? Would you give away the baby hamster or you need to have that same in the same cage? By answering these questions you would get to know that big should be the cage. All these questions should have an answer in your head before you go out to purchase it. Or other wise, you would be investing in a new cage, if you make up your mind to have more than one. These hamsters would need their space and therefore you have to be sure of the size of the cage for their proper & healthy growth.

The second thing you need to have is substrate for the cage. The dwarf hamster is not a show piece that you could put in a cage just like that. Some people use cloth or cotton to cover the bottom of the cage, this is not the right approach. You need to have substrate layer and that also a thick one. The reason of putting thick one is for the hamster to satisfify their natural urge to dig. You could also have humps made from the same so that they could jump, dig and play.

Over and above what is mentioned above you need to have the water supply arrangement in the cage. And also need to take care of the general hygiene of the cage for a healthy stay of your dwarf hamster.


Source by Ewen C

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