A Hamster’s Balanced Diet



To maintain a hamster in good health you have to give it a balanced diet. Give him proteins, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

Proteins are good for the hamster’s growth and tissue-building, it is most important that you give the young pups and pregnant mothers lots of protein. Good sources of protein are barley, beans, corn, nuts, oats, peas and wheat. Carbohydrates and fats provide hamsters with energy and warmth, give your hamster sugar, yeast, potato and milk. Hamsters need vitamins too in small amounts, ask your veterinarian for the proper vitamins to be taken by your hamster. Lack of vitamins may create several health problems for your hamster. Give your hamster small amounts of minerals which are found in milk, vegetables, green foods and grains. Give him clean and fresh water, water bottles are preferred.

Though hamsters eat anything that is put before them, you have to make sure that he is eating well. A healthy diet makes a healthy and happy hamster. A balanced daily diet for a hamster consist of sunflower seeds, corn, oats, barley, wheat, rabbit or alfalfa pellets, cat treats, bog biscuits and dehydrated vegetables. There are prepackaged hamster food mixes available in the market that contains their basic nutrition needs. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be given twice or thrice a week. If you want to give treats to your hamster, be careful about it, never give him chocolates or sweets they can get stuck in the hamster’s pouch and may be endangering them.

Place the hamster’s food in the cage’s floor since they are known hoarders. There are also other hamsters that like their food in a dish since they do not need the urge to hoard it since there is a continuous supply. They often take some food to their nests to snack on in between naps. However, placing their food in dishes is much cleaner and it will help you monitor your hamster’s health too, you will know if your hamster is eating or not and you will know when to change his variety of food.


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