A Health Insurance Adventure with Dick and Jane



Oh look, see Jane. See Dick. See Dick and Jane. Dick and Jane are now a happy married couple with 3 children (Ricky, Janet and little DJ).

Now Dick you see is a self employed novelist. He is writing a novel on how to start over with a complete career change. Jane also works at home. She focuses as much time as possible on the kids and still manages to run her own website business. The great American family lives on.

Dick was not self-employed until very recently. There was a down sizing at his office and Dick was one of the unfortunate ones. Although Dick left his job, he had always wanted to have enough time to do what he really loved, writing.

One evening soon after this transition to home business world, Jane and Dick were discussing how they were going to afford the medical bills that come with any young family. They had some money set aside for emergencies, but with the cost of health care these days, they new that their savings would soon run out.

Jane, as the Internet expert in the family, took on the task of searching for a health insurance plan for the family. Jane Googled the term "Health Insurance" and was presented with a results list of 135 million web sites. "Oh my" said Jane. Now because of Jane's expertise in the field, she knew that the web sites at the top of the first page would not need to be the best solutions.

Dick was leaving over Jane's shoulder looking at this incredible sight and began feeling overwhelmed and disturbed. Dick thought that this was going to be easy. "Oh my!" said Dick. Jane felt Dick's apprehension and told him not to worry. She would simply narrow the search by typing in a more specific search term. Jane typed in "Individual Health Insurance Quotes". Great success, there were now only just over 1 million results. "Oh my!" said Dick and Jane.

On the first page alone, there were words like affordable, free, medical, individual, state, national, easy, cheap, benefits, coverage, customized, low cost, personal, family, information guides, comparisons, insurance company specific. "What do we do now?" Dick questioned Jane.

"I suppose we should select a web site that offers multiple quotes." said Jane. Jane clicked on a web site that offered free quotes, and their Health Insurance adventure began.

Everyone that tries to search the Internet for health insurance is presented with the same problem as Dick and Jane. How is it possible to find what you really need? You just do not have the time to wade through hundreds, let alone millions of web sites.

As Dick and Jane explore this world in the coming chapters (5 in all), I promise that Dick and Jane will show you how to achieve your health insurance quest.

Stay tuned for more of Dick and Jane's Health Insurance Adventure.


Source by Doug Noble

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