A Perspective on Weight Loss – Who Wants to Lose Weight and Why



Who exactly wants to lose weight and why? Well, in this day and age, people even want their pets to lose weight. Buster Bulldog is so fat that he can roll over twice before you notice it. If you didn’t get that, he rolls in his own fat. Tabby Pussycat is so fat the last time she caught a mouse was in 1993.

I’m sure that some pet owners have hamsters and guinea pigs that are way too fat. I think fish are usually fish unless your gold fish is so fat that he has been moved to the kids wading pool. I don’t know how to tell a female goldfish from a male goldfish so we will leave it at that.

To un-fatten a pet, just cut back on the rations. If we had owners, we could have that happen to us. Maybe that is a plan. We get ourselves owners who feed us and we are not allowed to feed ourselves. “Please, Susan, give me another cracker for this cup of soup. I’m starving.”

Amongst us humanoids, there are four groups that diet pushers like to pester. Here they are and I’m sure you will find yourself somewhere in one of these groups:


Women like to have that radiant healthy slim look like Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh of the United States who captured the Beijing Olympic Beach Volleyball gold medal. These two are not spring chickens. They have been around for while. Their jumping up and down in beach sand while trying to kill their hapless opponents with a light-speed volley ball keeps them fit.

But most women are taking the sand out of their kids diapers and dodging basketballs in the driveway which is not all that beneficial in keeping the tummy flat. Women often have a slower metabolism which doesn’t help the situation. It wouldn’t matter but women care about how they look unlike old men like me.


Most men are not as concerned about their personal appearance as women. But we fat guys want to lose weight. It is embarrassing when we can’t get close enough to the table to reach our food because our stomach is in the way.

Younger guys who are in the ranks of the un-fatted want muscle. They want to look like Charles Atlas.

For you who don’t know Charles Atlas, I mean like the real Atlas or Arnold Schwarzenegger who was known as the World’s Strongest Man and has made millions making movies and in business and who is now Governor of California and would be very happy to be President of the United States if it were not that he was born in Thal, Austria.

Arnold said that he was raised by stern parents, so he turned out really good.

We old fat guys would like to have a sculptured body like Arnold Schwarzenegger too but we know that is not going to happen.

Pass those potatoes.


Actually, some kids don’t care about weight loss but often their parents do.

I watch my Idaho grandkids jump on the trampoline, work in the garden, do household chores and do their school work. They occasionally watch a DVD on the usually dormant television set which is not hooked up to any source that could bring in MTV or even PBS. They are Idaho farm community kids and there is not an ounce of fat total on all 13 of them.

However, outside of Utopia here, most kids watch television for a few hours a day (10 or 12), play video games and eat lots of ice cream and candy.

Parents become interested in their health and want them to lose some of that fat that keeps them from making one of the many Olympic teams such as curling in the winter and badminton in the summer. Oh, yes! Ping-pong!


Yes, our employers do really love us. They want us to be happy (some want us to be miserable) and healthy because “a healthy employee is a productive employee” who has a much lower medical insurance cost. Some employees give employees time to exercise at work and you can’t get a triple cheeseburger in the company lunchroom.

So, these are those who want to lose weight or are forced to lose weight.

Do you fit in there somewhere?

Fly Old Glory!


Source by John T Jones, Ph.D.

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