A Simple Circuit Training and Why You Need to Avoid Organic Eggs


Circuit training is one of those weight loss exercises that can make you really all pumped up and energized once you are done with it. It will surely make every muscle in your body to work harder, get you all sweaty and most of all, it will only take 25 minutes to do!

Here's how:

Part One:

  • DB bench press – position your elbows 45 degrees down with straight back. This should last for 12-15 minutes with 4-second repetition.
  • DB one arm bent over row, in a split position. With the same weight as the first exercise, lean on the dumbbell rack which should be in front of you with the same foot and arm lifting forward. This should last for 12-15 minutes with 4-second repetitions on each arm.
  • Cable wood chops at shoulder level. You can use your improvised equipment for this exercise. Do this 10-12 repetitions each side with 3 seconds per repetitions.

You can repeat this round for 4 times with 10-30 seconds between rounds.

Part Two:

  • Using your underhand to hold the barbell, do some dead lifts. You can do this for 10-12 minutes with 5 seconds repetitions.
  • This time, use overhand with wide-hold on the barbell doing some pull downs. Pull back with your shoulder-blades This should last for 10-45 minutes with 4 seconds repetitions.
  • 45 degree leg push. This should last for 10-12 minutes with 4 second repetitions.
  • With your feet on the ball, do some Swissball jackknifes. This should last for 10 minutes with 3 second repetitions.

You can repeat this round for 4 times, with 10-30 seconds rest in between rounds.

If you still have some time and if your body still feels fine to do some routines, hold the Swiss ball again and perform 3 sets of hamstring curls. Do this for 10 repetitions with only 10 seconds rest in each set.

Why You Should Avoid Organic Eggs

We usually say go organic for your diet and nutrition. However, you should consider eliminating organic eggs from your list. The organic-store-based eggs you bought are cleaned with chlorine which can be very harmful once eggs absorb it.

What Can You Do?

Go to a reputable online delivery service, go to your local farmer's market, or get it directly from a farmer who is into producing organic eggs. This way, you are sure that the eggs you are buying are fresh and free from any chemical based products.


Source by Kat Eden

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