Advanced Dwarf Hamster Supplies Every Hamster Needs


Just try to imagine yourself as a small and very active hamster. Do not you think you also need some space to go and run around? The fact is, despite the small size of the dwarf hamsters, they need a cage or home with a large space to satisfify their activeness. A shelter is just one of the basic needs of hamsters. It is very important that once you decide to purchase a dwarf hamster, you should have considerable knowledge on these needed supplies. In this article, you will know the basic and advanced supplies needed by dwarf hamsters.

Here are the supplies that you will need:

1. Cage – The cage will serve as your pet's new home. However, most hamster cages sold in the market are not suitable for dwarf hamsters because the spaces between bars are too large. You will need to get a suitable cage, preferably wire cages, to ensure that your pet will stay inside their home. If you do not like wire cages, you can get a plastic tank or a glass aquarium. These can all be great homes for your hamsters, and it's up to you to make the right pick. Regardless of the home you choose, ensure that it is always clean. Most hamster owners clean the home of their pets on a weekly basis.

2. Nesting and Bedding materials – Hamsters have burrowing instincts, and providing bedding materials like wood shavings is a great idea. However, not all wood shavings are safe for your pets, such as pine and cedar. Instead, use safe wood options like aspen. If you do not like wood shavings, you can always purchase fiber-based materials or use pieces of paper. Since hamsters are a bit skittish and shy, you will need to provide a nesting material where they can hide or take naps. If you want a cost-effective alternative, you can also use facial tissue or toilet paper for the nesting box.

3. Food dishes – You will need to provide a heavy, yet shallow, bowl for the food. The best choices are porcelain crock or ceramic as these materials are heavy and can not easily tip over. Your pet will not be able to chew the edges as well.

4. Water bottle – Never place water in a bowl because the beddings can get wet. The best choice would be a plastic bottle. With a plastic bottle, you can suspend it inside the cage. There are special bottle containers sold at pet supply stores that are suitable for dwarf hamsters.

5. Exercise Wheel – To ensure that your active pets get daily exercise, you will need to place a hamster wheel inside the cage. Try to get a dwarf hamster wheel that has a suitable size for these small creatures.

6. Chew Toys – As mentioned, hamsters are very active and they love to gnaw. This is in order to keep their teeth short. Hamsters' teeth continuously grow for life; since, regular filing by chewing on things is necessary to keep them short. Providing toys that they can chew is an excellent idea. That way, your pets will avoid nibbling on other parts of the cage.

These are the basic and advanced supplies needed in taking good care of your dwarf hamsters. Make sure you have all of them to keep your pets happy and healthy.


Source by Marc Stonebright

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