America Doesn’t Have A Mental Health Problem


In light of the recent school shootings and the continuous effort by the hard left to abolish our right to defend ourselves, the new mantra is that America has a Mental health problem and that issue is at the heart of our country’s ills.

I won’t disagree with that statement, there are many individuals who do have mental health issues brought on by a variety of reasons and there needs to be facilities and professional care available to help these individuals.

But there is a larger problem. Many of our young have not been taught to cope with the problems that inadvertently come into our lives. Life is what life is, and into every life some rain must fall. We cannot avoid this, regardless of how we prepare.

In many cases society, and parents no longer provide the needed training for our young. Kids are often sheltered from these adversities by well meaning adults and never given the opportunity to grow from those experiences.

At the first sign of rowdy behavior, or a young child showing a lack of focus, they are given a drug to calm them down. They are just young children, that is what young children do, they don’t focus, let them be a kid, there is nothing wrong with them.

To be successful in life, and deal with the hardships that come our way, kids need to be taught how to lose, that art has been taken away, these days everyone gets a participation trophy, making everyone a winner.

There are no participation trophies in real life. How can kids learn to lose if they are taught to be winners regardless of how they perform? How are they ever gong to learn to improve themselves, if they don’t ever have to?

Many of the reasons for our kids inabilities to cope are created by the societal changes in our culture and have nothing to do with the individual. Children are no longer raised with the same values instilled in the kids of an earlier era. Many of the values of a time gone by are forgotten and are deemed no longer applicable in today’s modern world.

Political correctness has destroyed what was once the core of our American value system. Self reliance, hard work, personal responsibility, and teaching our children how to deal with adversity have disappeared from the play book of child raising.

Some parents and families still teach their children the age worn values that made our country great, but they are becoming few and far between.

Because of this, America now has a moral health problem, our values, as a country have sunk so far below what they were when our great country was founded, it’s not even the same country anymore.

Only when our moral health issue is resolved, only then will our mental health issues disappear, and many of the multitude of issues facing us as a country will also fade away and become insignificant once again.


Source by Gary Wonning

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