An Insight Into The Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain



The symptoms of lower back pain differ according to their causes. In fact these kinds of back pain symptoms can be very complex at times as it is difficult to understand the nature of any problem in a short period. Some face these symptoms immediately after the cause and on the other hand, some face it after days, weeks of sometimes even after months. In every set of symptoms it is advisable not to ignore them as a usual muscle pain but to keenly observe the nature and the behavior of the pain and accordingly visit the doctor if needed.

What Is The Cause Of My Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain?

70% of the back problems can be avoided by performing the day to day activities in the right form. Here are some of the main causes that usually lead to back ache symptoms:

  • Body Posture: How many of us use the correct body posture while performing our day-to-day activities? The most common activities in which people use the wrong body postures are while walking, standing, sitting and sleeping. While performing all these activities, it is very important to keep the spain straight. The spine should be in a "T" position in which the body is comfortable and relaxed.
  • Work pressure: Are you a workaholic and proud about it? If yes, think twice. The most common reason for lower back pain symptoms were found in workoholics who performed a continuous desk job for 8-10 hours a day. The computer age is certainly a boon however not to our spine. By performing continuous desk job for long hours, the spine typically faces stiffness and over a period of time one starts to face symptoms of pain in lower back.
  • Sports and physical activities: How regular are we with sports or any form of exercise? How many of us have gym memberships but visit them only once in a blue moon and then over-indulge in exercise. Remember, exercises if not performed on a regular basis and instead in excess at times, can prove to be really dangerous to the body. One should progress gradually from performing light to heavy exercises with the help of the fitness trainer.

Can I Avoid Back Pain Symptoms?

Yes! The best way to avoid back ache symptoms is to believe in the "Do it yourself policy". At work, go get the photocopies done yourself, rather than discussing over the phone, go to your colleague's work station. Go and get the coffee yourself, take a small walk after lunch. By following these simple steps, you will be amazed to see that symptoms of lower back pain do start to improve and show positive results. In fact symptoms of lower back pain are seen in sedentary people. The moral being, live active and that's the best way to avoid body pains!


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