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It's plain, simple and easy to make a dog happy and to keep a dog healthy. This article is just a beginning-giving a few helpful hints on how to keep y our animals healthy and happy. Here goes:

  1. Remember that dogs have feelings too. Treat them humanely – always.
  2. Always check for fleas on a regular basis and handle the problem immediately as soon as you find any.
  3. Bring the dog to the vets regularly just to be sure that everything is okay.
  4. Never give chocolate to dogs as that can be fatal.
  5. Train your dog to sleep on the floor, not on the bed with you. (If you want a healthy dog, first you need to be healthy yourself.) Sleeping with dogs is not the healthiest thing for humans to do, most especially if you have 'outdoor dogs'). You can roll over on the dog in your sleep. You can get bitten (if you roll over on your dog). You will have dog hair all over your sheets (That is so not healthy). If you really need to sleep with your dog, then for goodness sakes, put his dog bed at the foot of your bed that keeps you both healthy.
  6. Never use a chain on your dog outdoors when you are not there to supervise.
  7. Know that dog food and water attractions wild animals to your dog if your dog is chained up outside when you are not around. This could lead your dog to get bitten by possums, raccoons, squirrels and other animals.
  8. Know that your dog can bite children when chained outdoors. (No, it is not correct to think this is okay just because the dog is in your own yard). Dogs should be attended to –not left alone on chains. You can not control children coming into your yard unless you have a fence that is locked, and even then some kids can and will climb over them. Remember the stories of those children that got into the bear homes at the zoo? Well, do not leave your dogs unattended outdoors. It just is not safe for them and not safe or healthy for anyone else.

What other ways can you keep your dog healthy, happy and safe? Some use electrical gaps and there are varying opinions about that. I just wonder how natural it all is. A long time ago, I asked a friend why she did not have a pet if she loved them so much. She claimed that she felt it was unfair to the animal since she just did not have time for it, to take care and to play with it. At that time I thought that answer was odd, because I thought, how can anyone not have time for an animal. But that was when I was young and I did not understand exactly how much time, caring, effort and work it is to have an animal – and to keep that animal and keep those around that animal safe, sound, healthy and happy. Now, today, her answer looks really sensible to me.

So, sometimes if you need to use methods that hurt the dog or animal maybe you do not have time for that animal either. That's just a thought. OF course it is better to think about that thought before you get an animal rather than after the fact. Take time for yourself first. And then if you really have time for yourself, then consider an animal for a pet –if that is really what you want.

Or, have animals in your life without the work or responsibility. Here are ways that you can do that:

  1. Go window-shopping. Spend some free time looking at the puppies in the window. (That's correct. Do not buy a puppy).
  2. Go to the zoo or wildlife conservation center a few times a year.
  3. Go into large stores like Petco and places like that. You can view all types of animals there all during the year.
  4. Go on class trips to aquariums, zoos or wildlife centers.
  5. When you go on vacation, visit the aquariums and zoos wherever you go.
  6. Dog-sit or cat-sit for your neighbors, friends or relatives.
  7. Volunteer at an animal shelter or some other organization that helps animals.
  8. Join that organization that trains dogs to help handicapped people
  9. Find a job in a vet's office or some other place of business that treats or serves the animal population.

Those are ways you can have animals in your life but do not have the personal responsibility of caring for, raising or sheltering an animal in your home. Those are just ideas. It is extremely important that care is used for indoor dogs -when they have accidents indoors. So many times, children can get infected or get disease when they have contact with dogs fecal matter. This comes from cleaning up after dogs. Read more information about some diseases that can be transmitted to humans through the fecal matter.

Here is a link to an article about one parasitic disease that some dogs get and carry. There have been children who have gotten this disease from dogs. (And, yes, children can have other diseases from dogs). This link is from b-net .


Source by Linda A. Perry

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