Animals That Trigger Allergies – Furry, Fine-Feathered Friends – Or Foes?



Animals have interacted with humans for thousands of years. But here's some news to all you animal lovers: that sneezing, coughing, hacking, runny nose and those rashes that appear on your skin may be caused by small, furry creatures that you so love and admire. Are you allergic to pets or other animals? Here is a list of animals that commonly trigger allergies in humans:

Cats and dogs

Most dogs and cats that trigger allergy have fur. Since these animals shed regularly, the tiny hairs often find themselves on the skin, in the nose and mouth. When this does happen, allergic symptoms occur. This can happen whether the animal is longhaired or shorthaired.

What about hairless breeds? For people whose allergies are triggered by animal hair, keeping a hairless cat or dog seems to solve the problem. That is, until the animal develops a skin problem and sheds dander or dead skin. This can then trigger an allergy.


Like cats and dogs, horses can also trigger allergy through their saliva. There are certain proteins in horse's saliva that can be problematic to people who are hypersensitive. Horse dander can also cause allergic reactions.


Rabbits have fine hair that when shed, can trigger allergies in people who have a sensitivity to them. People who have allergies or asthma may suffer from wheezing, sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose. Nasal congestion is also common. Their urine also contains certain proteins that can cause itching or rashes upon direct contact.

Guinea pigs and hamsters

Guinea pigs and hamsters are quite cuddly and are low-maintenance animals. Many of them have been domesticated and are found in many households as pets. They are generally easy to care for, which makes them quite popular with children, young teens and even adults.

The problem with guinea pigs and hamsters is that their hair, dander and urine can trigger allergy. To someone who has asthma or has hypersensitivity to the proteins in the animal's urine, the animal can be a source of physical discomfort. Symptoms can vary, ranging from skin rashes to sneezing and asthma.

Mice and rats

These are the guinea pig's wilder cousins. People who are hypersensitive or those who have not developed antibodies to certain allergy-causing proteins secreted by these animals can also suffer from allergic reactions to their hair, urine, feces and saliva.

Birds and poultry

Birds, ducks, chickens and their kind can also trigger allergies in humans. Direct contact with their feces and the downy part of their feathers can cause certain physical discomfort. Consumption of eggs can also cause certain allergic reactions in certain individuals.


Cows produce milk, which contains common allergy-causing substances. Cows can, through their milk, cause the gastrointestinal discomfort associated with lactose intolerance. Direct contact with their urine can also trigger allergies in certain individuals.


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