Anticancer Herbs: Can Cancer Be Treated Naturally?


Anticancer herbs can help. Cancer can be invented; it can also be reversed. It does require lifestyle changes and effort, but it can be done. How do I know? I have worked with a Master in Holistic Healing and experienced the benefits for myself.

There are two important things to know:

1. People do acute cancer with anticancer herbs, cancer herbal treatment, and time proven remedies.

2.Believe that you can attain a healthy body. Your body needs your full cooperation in order to heal. Take an active role in your unique healing. Read for information; and consult with a natural health professional.

Remember, it is your body and your call.

Stop adding more toxins into your body right now. There is a lot you can do. Remove all products, with toxic chemicals, from your food, drinks, air, hygiene-care and household cleaners.

Stop eating all refined sugars. Nourish your body without feeding the cancer cells.

If you smoke, stop.

Stop drinking alcohol and pop.

Balance pH levels of acid and alkaline. The best rule of thumb for alkalinity is to eat vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Limit the consumption of animal products as they increase acidity.

Oxygenate and strengthen your blood with liquid chlorophyll and anticancer herbs.

Exercise daily to move your lymphatic system. The only way for you lymph system to move is if you move.

Build your immune system with anticancer herbs such as astragalus, paw paw, and use Silver Guard. These are all powerful helpers for the immune system.

Take part in stress reducing activities such as meditation and yoga.

Rest your body. Rest as often as possible through the day and at least 8 hours at night.

Drink lots of pure water. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins.

Listen to your body. Know when to detoxify and when to build.

The Paw Paw Program is an excellent book that details a cancer herbal treatment using anticancer herbs. This program has been successfully integrated with orthodox medical treatments. Orthodox treatments include surgery, chemotherapy and / or radiation. Anticancer herbs can decrease the negative side effects, and increase the effectiveness, of the mainstream approaches.

The Paw Paw Program is designed to promote the natural healing abilities of your body, rather than fight the disease in your body. It is one part of a comprehensive whole program that includes corrective diet, emotional clearing, exercise, correct elimination and other natural health and life building strategies.

Remember, cancer can be healed. Be proactive in your own cure. Help yourself by working with the medical community; but do not leave all decisions to the medical community.

The purpose of this article is to help people make educated decisions about their health and to offer a perspective that has worked for the author and many others. It is written for educational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical advice or prescription for any condition.


Source by CM Floyd

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