Anxiety Disorder Symptom – Do I Need to Use Drugs?



An anxiety disorder symptom is no laughing matter to the many individuals who have to find ways of re-arranging their lives due to their symptoms. When people have severe problems related to anxiety, the symptoms include rapid heart rate, tics, and feelings of doom, crying, and difficulty breathing.

Some of these symptoms will occur only with a certain situation. For some people, speaking in public will create almost paralysis fear, cold sweats, heart palpitations, and an urge to run and leave everything behind. Just thinking about being in front of a group of people is enough to cause some people to feel these symptoms flooding through their body.

This can become overwhelming and many people will find that they are avoiding every situation that may provoke future attacks. This is when they may turn to drugs or psychotherapy for help. Some people however are related to use medications if there are other ways to help them over the challenges created by anxiety attacks.

There are some therapies that are frequently used to help people deal with a anxiety disorder symptom. These are Cognitive-behavioral therapy and the second one is known as exposure therapy. These are both treatments that address the behavior that is being exhibited and help the patient free themselves from the effects of anxiety. These types of therapies are not designed to deal with past psychological traumas. It may take 1-6 months to be able to achieve success with behavior modification therapies.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy with modification-this therapy identifies thoughts processes that precipitate the anxiety disorder disorder. Then the counselors are able to help you change the patterns of negative anticipation and beliefs that have controlled your life.

Utilizing Exposure therapy – this is a therapy that will only work if you are comfortable and trust your therapist or counselor. Exposure therapy involves a patient being confronted with the objects or situation that they fear, or that provoke unreasonable anxiety. Through a gradual and repeated process of introduction and exposure, the person will eventually conquer their negative thoughts and feelings. Exposure therapy is designed to show the person that there is no reason for the unrealistic terrors that they have been enduring.

It has also become quite common for people who have some type of anxiety disorder symptom to now be treated with drugs, or with a combination of anxiety drugs and therapy. Some of the drugs used to treat the symptoms of anxiety are benzodiazepines and strong anti-depressants.

These drugs can foster dependence and they can have unpleasant side effects so they may not be the best choice for everyone. It should also be noted that pills do not treat the cause of the disorder, nor do they give patients any additional coping skills or abilities, they only mask the anxious responses and symptoms.

But what happens to people who do not want to take anxiety drugs at all? What choice is there for them to lead normal lives if anxiety treatment has not worked?

Sometimes it looks like the only choice is to give up the fight and use prescriptions, but now there is a new and natural way that you can overcome anxiety and panic disorders without depending on medication There are thousands of people who have now freed themselves from the grip of anxiety and you can learn how to do the same thing easily and quickly.


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